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Ningbo Furniture offers a whole range of high quality, practical furniture products such as stacking chairs, folding chairs, banqueting chairs (great for special occasions), and folding plastic tables. In addition we have a range of folding plastic chairs, versatile folding stacking chairs as well as plywood trestle tables, Werzalit restaurant table tops, and a variety of table bases.

So, whether you are looking for banquet chairs, café furniture, conference furniture or just something to suit your local establishments such as schools, villages halls, pubs, social clubs, sports clubs, hotels, golf clubs, restaurants, night clubs, bistros or general commercial event furniture, Ningbo can be your one-stop-shop contract furniture suppliers.


Ningbo Conference Chairs Chairs from Ningbo

We have really only just scratched the surface and our operation can cater for just a single 6ft trestle table to a local car boot sale or a full shipment/container full of furniture that might be shipped as far away as Africa.

Our many blue chip customers come from all parts of the UK and right across Europe and our goal is to provide the same excellent customer experience to companies and organisations both large and small as well as individual buyers looking for a one off purchase. All of our staff members, whether they work as part of the sales team, as part of the ever expanding warehouse team or operate as one of the directors, have the same fundamental principles and directives.

From the moment you land on our website, speak to a member of staff on the phone or send us an email, we endeavour to provide you with not only great service throughout but a great product (at an even greater price) at the end of it, if you decide to place an order.

Contact Tel: 01978 711922 or email

An example of the contract furniture by Ningbo, they supply banquet chairs and trestle tables into football clubs and social clubs.

Cannes Cafe Chair Steel Emperor Stacking Chair