Edwards Design Services

Edwards Design Services

Planning Consultancy, Interior and landscape design, Project Management & Planning Supervision

At Edwards Design Services we recognise that architecture has the power to transform. We aim to produce solutions that are functional and sustainable, inspirational and beautiful, but which also meet the practicalities of buildability, timescale and budget

Our buildings are noted for their bright, airy interiors, dynamic spaces and generous use of natural light and ventilation, which promote calm, welcome and comfort for their users.

Good buildings are the result of commitment and communication, so one of the most important aspects of our job is to fully understand our client’s requirements.
Each design is a response to context and brief, with the end-user at the heart of our design process. We always look to produce solutions which limit energy use and offer inclusivity for all.

Specialist design consultants to food service outlets and meat processing wholesalers.

Psalm: 20 v 4 – May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

This verse is carried forward with all my work in the memory of Alan Jolley Wigan Architect.